Thursday, August 19, 2004

Auto-Bio Update

"I was born of a poor black sharecropper in rural Mississippi in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and three."

That's how a proper auto-biography should start, it seems to me, and should slowly and inexorably build to something like, "And that's why I've devoted the last years of my life to working with my foundation to stamp out child poverty once and for all."

My auto-biography isn't going to quite fit that mold. More of a, "I watched a great deal of TV as a kid, mostly Pop-Eye, Hercules and Mighty Mouse, and on Saturdays quite a bit of Bugs Bunny." And building in essentially random lurches to something like, "And so, as the end of my days approach, I cherish fondly my 15 year plaque for continuous service in the Deli/Appetizer Department, and look forward hopefully to the grandkid getting out of the joint and into a halfway house, hopefully for good this time."

So I'm a bit daunted by the prospect, and have more or less resolved to start work on my little tale in whatever random bits seem to pop onto the keyboard.

Like when I was 14 or so and went to Montreal with Rickety Basket, and we drank and (I at least) made out with a girl.

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