Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Just a Thought

I didn't want to lose this thought. A compelling and thorough debunking of much of the radical right can be constructed by introducing the concept of accountability. Almost every idea these guys have ever had has turned out to be wrong. (Truthfully, in theory conservatives' job is to be wrong: the proper role of conservatives is to point out all the dangers that might arise from a given proposed course of action. When they are right (which of course happens), we don't proceed. But when we proceed against their opinions, they are almost always wrong. For example, Republicans were dead certain that the 1993 budget was going to lead to a stock market failure, a tremendous loss of jobs, business failures, and if I remember correctly, a plague of locusts.

This is the idea behind my suggestion that the problem with the anti-gay constitutional amendment is not just that it's pure evil, but that procedurally, we should take first things first. I believe it was the current president's father who was pretty sure, along with most of his republican friends, that if we didn't pass a constitutional amendment to prohibit falg burning, our society would decay into the lowest kind of moral debasement. So, first things first: flag burning, then gay people.

A crazy person is running, with the full support of the republican party, for senate in Oklahoma, primarily on the platform that there is a gay agenda that is sweeping its way into every nook and cranny of our society: "That agenda is the greatest threat to our freedom that we face today," hw says. Let's hold this clown accountable and see what happens as that agenda is in fact spread across the entire nation, and we all agree that hating people because of their sexual orientation is immoral and must end.

Kind of like the republicans who thought if we provided medical care to those too poor to obtain it otherwise, that millions would quit their jobs to get the free care. I could go on....feel free to add your own.

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