Monday, November 01, 2004

Flash Update: Republicans Are Always Wrong!

For the Accountability Historians, let me make this easy.

If Kerry is elected, Republicans predict:

1. He will show irresolution and weakness leading to renewed terrorist attacks. On schools.

2. His perverse love of high taxes will lead to Americans shouldering huge new tax burdens.

3. His liberal DNA will compel him to create numerous huge new goverment programs.

4. He will force us all into crappy government healthcare.

5. The economy will crash and burn.

6. We won't go on the offense against the terrorists, opting instead for a mealy-mouthed law enfocement approach.

7. He will slash intelligence spending and cut vital defense projects.

8. He will eat your babies.

OK, the last one is probably a stretch, but I should point out that I haven't technically reviewed all of the BC04 campaign literature, and it jus tmight be in there.

When the dust settles on the Kerry Presidency, let's look back at the Republicans' track record to see how many of their predictions came true. So far, they are 0 for 27,542.

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