Thursday, February 03, 2005

Attack Ad

Over at, (Attack Ad of the Day), I've posted my effort, which I'll post here as well:

OK, here's my attack ad of the day.

We open on a beautiful shot of an attractive older woman, probably close to 80. She's sitting in her lovely garden, on a lush spring day.

Grandma: Of course I remember! How could I forget. My parents, they worked so hard, and scrimped, and just tried to scrimp and save and put a little bit aside. But then, almost over night -- nothing. They lost everything. Wiped out.

We cut and see that she is talking with her 20 something granddaughter, who's holding a baby.

AVO: The Democrats created Social Security to ensure every worker would have a secure future no matter if they were winners or losers in the stock market.

We're cutting to the face of Granddaughter, and then Baby.

Grandma: I think it's crazy to take that away. Why would Bush want to jeopardize something we've worked so hard for?

Shot goes blurry. We see vaguely that Grandma is getting up, granddaughter is passing baby, Grandma is playing with baby, etc.

Title card comes up "Tell President Bush not to gamble with your future," with a URL, "Save Social" and an 800 number, "800-SAVE-SOC"AVO: Tell President Bush that our future is too improtant to gamble [play games] with.That's it. I'd put it on the air tomorrow. We have got to start an emotional conversation with our fellow Americans.

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