Saturday, May 12, 2007

This Nails it

I wish I had the talent of James Wolcott. In this post's 2d paragraph, he articulates my thought about 10 times better than I ever could my self. The master writes:

The ashy clouds over Mordor have parted, my friends. It was only a year or so ago that the Permanent Republican Majority seemed not only a grim possibility, but a stark near-inevitability. Karl Rove's master plan seemed to have a mortal lock on the political future. So downbeat was the daily news and so dispiriting the performance of the Democrats in 2004 that I had internalized liberalism's permanent underdog status, consoling myself that at least I lived in a liberal city in a liberal state and had plenty of company in the commisseration ward. But I also took heart in Emerson's insight that everything looks permanent until it's secret is known; that invisible cracks form deep in even the sturdiest structures and over time will not be denied. But "over time" can be a long time. Decades, even. And so much would not survive that long a wait.

He then goes on, of course, to herald the start of a new era of progressive ascendency, massive change on the near-horizon.

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J Crowley said...

I've been hesitantly optimistic. I still think progressives are going to have a rough time as long as the conservatives are yanking the extreme right so hard that the "middle ground" falls well into conservative territory. We've conceded a lot over the last several years, and it's going to take some work to regain what was lost. Plus, I don't think liberals have gotten the marketing properly worked out yet. I still think it might be several years before we're back to moving in a positive direction.

P.S. - Was just going through my blogroll/links list and rediscovered your site. I believe at one point you were a regular reader. Just wanted to invite you back to check it out, if you're interested.