Sunday, June 01, 2008

Accountability, Please

The DNC just bent over backwards to give props to the state delegations of Florida and Michigan. The so-called leaders of these state delegations -- the same maroons who decided to proceed with primaries in spite of a clear rule not to, and in spite of their sister states' respect for the same rule -- claimed that not seating these states' delegations would imperil our chances in the fall. So, seated they are.

Let's have an accountability moment, then. We were told that these guys needed this sop to win. They have it. Now, let's see them deliver Michigan and Florida this fall. If we don't carry them, I want to have an accountability moment and call these calls on the carpet.

Being right matters. Ignoring the rules, gaining special favor at the expense of your peers, pleading special circumstances just because one doesn't like the outcome, and then failing to deliver -- is not right.

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