Thursday, January 27, 2005

I Know Why Senators Should Oppose Al Gonzalez

Many people point to Gonzalez’ role in crafting a legal structure to facilitate the government’s policy of torture as grounds for denying him the AG job. Others point to his dismissive approach in presenting clemency pleas to then Governor Bush. Myself, I’ve always like his rather unlikely hairdo as a reason to stop him from taking the nation’s top law enforcement job.

But now I’ve got a new one. He has some sort of memory problem. Can’t remember what he thought about a Justice Department memo explaining that the Geneva Convention wasn’t anything to worry about after all. Doesn’t remember using Texas taxpayers’ money to get his friend out of jury duty. Doesn’t remember a whole ton of things.

Like we need more reasons to vote no on this guy, here’s another one: You can’t run a large governmental agency if you have no functioning memory.

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