Friday, January 28, 2005

Shameless Piling On

I'd like to formally join the list (pile) of people urging a no vote. I'm sure my dozens of readers will find it no surprise that I am urging a strong "NO" on the Gonzales nomination, for reasons I've already covered at length (which are, in short, torture, jury duty, and unbelievably bad memory).

I'm finding the idea of a whole bunch of political bloggers joining together to state the obvious a peculiar one. Blogs tend not to have penetrated the SCLM in any significant way, other than as a brand extension of Drudge (i.e., "on-line crazies"). And I can't imagine our pile of anti-blogs will be any larger (and probably smaller than) their pile of pro-blogs. All in all, an interesting exercise in the power of community, which regular readers know is the #1 core value of the left.

For you newbies, welcome to the World's Most Reasonable Man, telling you What To Think.

You can check out the definitive pile of pilers-on at Kos (

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James W. Pharo said...

What a clever bit of piling on! Congratulations!