Monday, January 10, 2005

Teach ‘Em Creationism – What do We Care?

In Dover Pa., local school board officials are planning to teach students a about “intelligent design,” which is somewhere between Genesis and the Prime Mover (i.e., the idea is that the universe is so totally awesome that it could only possible be the product of some intelligent designer.”

And like moths to a flame, liberals are rising in outrage. See, this would be a good chance to avoid “taking the bait.” This nonsense about where we came from seems rather obscure to me from virtually any standpoint. But the purpose of positing that we were created by God’s own hand, and that Mr. Darwin is a silly old poopy-head, is not to really argue the point about our origins. It’s their way of saying, “You pointy-headed intellectuals who think you know it all, you all are, are…poopy-heads.”

One of my favorite bumper stickers from Bible-land is “Evolution is just a theory.” As is the idea that lower taxes spur economic growth. Or that free markets are efficient distributors of resources. Or, for example, gravity. How about a counter-bumper-sticker saying “So’s Gravity (Just A Theory, I Mean).” (OK, OK, I’m not likely destined for a career in the automotive décor field. Shut up.)

On the range of issues that matter even a little, Were We Monkeys is way, way down the list. Let’s let the right play with themselves on this one. Instead of marveling at their stupidity, let’s applaud their deep interest in biology, philosophy and high school science in general. Sure they’re completely nutty – let’s let their nuttry collapse of its own weight.

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